About Us

About Us

Ellen's passion for antiques started in 1964 with an ice chest that her husband found. He brought it home and they restored and refinished it and fell in love with the process of reviving old pieces. She still has that same ice chest and cherishes it for inspiring her all those years ago.

The Shoppe in Woodstock, Alabama is proud to offer wonderful new furniture, antiques, gift items and interior decorating services. We also create our own chalk paint and custom colors upon request. Since January of 2000, our business has been providing great selections for any home. We are known for providing personalized services and helping you find the most unique items for your home.

Our store receives a lot of repeat business by offering interesting products at affordable prices, and making sure you are satisfied with each purchase. Don't forget, we always offer seasonal selections for the holidays.

The Shoppe has unique perspective when it comes to refurbishing pieces. We like to re-purpose items like wagons, organs and farm equipment. On occasion, we have been known to create custom tables or decorations from non-conventional items.

Come visit us at The Shoppe and see what's new!

Contact us at (205) 617-1444.

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