Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint

Come by The Shoppe and check out our inventory of custom-made chalk paint. We offer it in a variety of colors and sizes. What better way to refresh that old furniture with an updated colorful finish that will breathe life into any space?

Chalk paint is known for it's matte finish that can make new items look antique and antique items look fresh and updated without distressing. It is a celebrated type of paint because it requires very little to no prep work. The ease of application without time-consuming sanding or priming makes it ideal for anyone to use.

This style of paint can help you achieve the modern bohemian or shabby chic look you've always wanted. Your efforts will be rewarded with a paint that lasts for a very long time. It's perfect for bringing old pieces of furniture that you love back to life.

The Shoppe also offers custom chalk paint colors. If you are looking for something specific, come in and see us. We can help you attain that perfect look.

You can reach us at The Shoppe at (205) 617-1444.

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